How can the Thrive Programme improve my life? What Symptoms can it resolve ?

Basically, whether you are fit or unfit, well or unwell, happy or unhappy, healthy or unhealthy, the way you think and what you believe have a profound influence over the rest of your body and how you experience life. Yes, you can use this programme to overcome fears, phobias and anxieties, but it can also help with much more than that.

Since Thrive focuses upon targeting and changing a person’s underlying limiting belief systems and thinking styles, which are causing or contributing to their symptoms and problems, it has been successful with a huge range of conditions and problems, including the following (Note: these are situations and symptoms taken from testimonials that people have already given us, as well as from our research projects):

Anxiety, stress, panic disorder
Low self-esteem and confidence
Fears and phobias (including fear of flying, needle phobia, fear of heights,agoraphobia, etc.)
Emetophobia – the fear of vomiting (see our recent research)
Eating disorders (including anorexia nervosa, bulimia, body dysmorphia)
Resolving relationship issues – in families, marriages, and friends
Sexual problems (including vaginismus, premature ejaculation)
Weight loss, maintaining a healthy weight
Stopping smoking (92.5% success in recent research project)
Addressing excessive alcohol consumption
Sleep problems (chronic insomnia, night-brooding, nightmares)
Irritable Bowel Syndromes (IBS)
Chronic Fatigue/ Post-viral Fatigue/ ME/ fibromyalgia
Helping people to cope with and fight cancer, chronic illness and pain
Unexplained infertility
Getting a job, keeping a job, interview skills, confidence skills
Just being happy and enjoying life
Helping children with: school phobias, bed-wetting, night-tremors, not eating, eating too much, separation anxiety, nail-biting, shyness, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, poor school work, poor academic performance, sibling rivalry and more.
It is also ideal for those who don’t have significant psychological symptoms, but wouldjust like to: be happier, learn to live life to the full, get the most and the best out ofevery day, or achieve specific goals, such as running a marathon.

Basically, helping you to Thrive in just about any situation in life!

If you are interested in the Thrive programme please do not hesitate to contact me, confidentially for a consultation.

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