The Thrive Programme Success Stories

The following testimonials come from people who have bought the books (‘Changing Limiting Beliefs’, and ‘Thrive’) and people who have undergone the Thrive Programme with one of the Thrive Programme Consultants.

A testimonial from Joshua and his parents who came to help Joshua (14years old) to overcome his emetophobia.

Before the start of the Thrive Programme, I was constantly (day in day out) worrying about vomiting. Once my Dad found the Thrive Programme with Nicola, and I had my initial session, I started to become more confident that I would be to get over my emetophobia. Throughout the course, I was able to learn about the 3 under-lying factors that was causing me to have my fear, but by breaking these down I was able to become more confident within myself, and start to not panic about being ill. I undertook a 7 week programme with mum and dad, facilitated by Nicola, and began to feel stronger that I could cope and not avoid situations I would have previously. I had blips throughout this period and still do today, but through the Thrive Programme, I have been able to thrive with my daily life and feel able to conquer the hardest of challenges. Joshua

We realised Josh had a serious phobia returning from a short break where he had been staying with family members. He had become unwell and not the happy 16 year old we had left. It was heartbreaking as parents to see but could get no assistance from healthcare professionals. We researched the Thrive Programme and talked everything through with Nicola. It was agreed that we would all complete the programme together to prevent giving Josh mixed messages. In fact, we found it very enlightening into our own view on life but most importantly to realise Josh’s fear was being grown from another factor, not solely about being sick. He has worked really hard on processing his positives and determined to create a way of managing his fear. It is not a ‘magic bullet’, but has helped him grow in self-confidence. There has been ‘blips’ along the way but these have become less debilitating and occurring. The Thrive Programme now seems to make sense of everything that can occur in life, you just never knew it!

After years of wondering why l was so negative and had very low self esteem, rarely having truly happy times, Alison invited me to try the Thrive way.
I am so glad l did, as it has allowed me to understand my thought patterns and change them to not only positive ones, but action them too.

Now l feel so happy and know l can do anything l want to – l am Thriving!

When I first came to see you I was in a difficult place. My anxiety levels were very high, I was having trouble sleeping and I was feeling completely overwhelmed by negative thoughts. From that very first session I’ve always found you to be a really down to earth guy who speaks a hell of a lot of common sense and is able to communicate ideas in a really easy to understand manner. I looked forward to our sessions more and more each week.

The THRIVE Programme has completely changed my outlook and given me a new understanding on myself and the reasons I felt the way I did. I have changed from being a victim of my thoughts to being the boss of them. I feel like I now have a great set of tools to manage my thinking and avoid stop negative thoughts escalating into anxiety. Sean

Firstly I wanted to thank you for guiding me through this process – it’s been truly amazing and I feel like a different person as a result of it.  I remember wondering when I first met you whether you would succeed in fixing my problems (I’ll admit that I had a degree of scepticism that anything would work).  But now I’ve realised that you didn’t help me with my problems at all, instead you gave me the tools to fix my own problems and to look at them in a completely different way. In fact I don’t look at my life as a serious of problems now, but as a series of opportunities.

I was probably at the lowest point I’ve ever been when I first came to see you and felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I had lost my confidence in myself, I was incredibly anxious and felt I really wasn’t very good at anything and was just focussing on getting through the stresses of each day.  I found it difficult to enjoy life, I was stuck in a worrying and obsessive thinking rut and was struggling to like the person I had become.  I just wanted to go back to normal! And on my first session you said to me, that I would become a better version of my normal self and I’m so glad to say – you were right!

The thrive programme and the sessions with you have helped me immensely, my confidence is back, I feel that I can look to the future and I really like myself again!  I’m not daunted by anything, I am in control of my anxiety and I can recognise the signs that will lead me back down that route of obsessing over the slightest thing. I still have moments where I worry or don’t deal with things as confidently as I would like to, but I now recognise these and I’m much more aware of negative thinking and language and the effect that it has on me.

It is truly amazing!  I honestly can’t thank you enough.

The bonus of thrive was that I actually enjoyed the sessions that we had and never really felt that I was in ‘therapy’, it was more like chatting to a friend (probably why they went on for so long!).  The exercises where also really good – real eye openers that made me learn a lot about myself and my past habits.

I also wanted to let you know that I did the locus of control quiz and it had gone down from 23 to 8!!!  It was probably lower but there were a few beliefs I didn’t want to let go of.  Again I didn’t think that was possible and it has given me the confirmation that I have changed as a person through this process and that I’m continuing to change (in a positive way).

It’s an amazing programme and, like you, I believe that everyone should do it – there are no negative aspects to it and it is continuous – rather than a quick fix which only works until the next period of stress comes along.

I would definitely recommend it and I’m more than happy for you to use what I’ve said in the email as a recommendation for your website. Clare

For ten years I struggled with anxiety. Limiting my opportunities in everyday life, I became accepting of the fact that anxiety was a part of who I was. After an extremely low point in December 2014 due to a mix of anxiety and depression caused by stress, I decided to reach out to Andrew to get me back to my normal self.

I was sceptical of the ‘Thrive’ programme when first hearing about it. Help without medicine? It couldn’t be possible to me. However I didn’t want to become reliant on medication to solve my problems and thus decided to try ‘Thrive’.

Not only am I back to my normal self, I am anxiety free. Anxiety free for me is being able to go to the cinema and sit in the middle row or get on a busy bus, but best of all, I no longer anticipate having anxiety, I just get on with life.

Since the very first session I have noticed a difference in myself. I am a much more positive, optimistic, confident and strong minded person. I am now no longer limited by anxiety.

‘Thrive’ provided me with all the tools that I need to overcome anxiety. Through reading the book, following the tasks and having Andrew as a guider, I indeed began to thrive. As the programme unravelled, I learned more about myself and began to understand what my anxiety triggers were so that I could tackle them head on.

Since completing ‘Thrive’ I have realised that there is no finishing the programme. I am constantly growing as an individual. Everything I have learnt has become second nature to me. I am still thriving. There is no going back for me, only forwards.

I am forever indebted to Rob Kelly for creating such a wondrous gift and to my therapist Andrew for introducing me to the programme and for being determined and supportive.

Finally, I would like to thank myself. ‘Thrive’ is an example of sheer self-determination to succeed and get better. I have realised that anxiety is not a part of me, it was only a temporary limitation.

I am thriving. Stephanie

I am writing to you to share my experience. Firstly though, let me say thank you! Thrive has given me my life back!
I had been suffering from performance anxiety and I wanted to write to you to speak out to other men who are in the same situation as I was. My condition lead to severe low self esteem, anxiety and depression. I wasn’t always like that but due to experiences of life found myself not being able to perform in the bedroom. It was awful, Rob.
At first, I thought that if I ignored it, it might go away. I didn’t want to seek help because I was embarrased, I didn’t want anyone to know. I felt like I wasn’t a real man. When I met someone I liked, I felt the anxiety begin to take hold. It would rise in intensity as more ‘dates’ passed because sex became more likely until, when eventually in the bedroom, I would be in a state of panic. Failure was inevitable. I even popped Viagra but that didn’t help because there was nothing wrong with my body, it was my mind.
I decided to get help after so many girls dumped me, leaving me feeling like life wasn’t worth living. I sought out counselling which helped up to a point. I started to see some results but my anxiety was always there in the background, waiting. There was something missing from  ‘normal’ counselling. It wasn’t getting to the core of the problem or more importantly, how to deal with it to make permanent changes. When I started to go backwards with my current partner, I knew I needed to find something else, even after years of seeing different counsellors.
I looked into hypnotherapy and that’s when I found Patricia Holden. It was her who introduced me to Thrive. To be honest, I didn’t think it would help me but I was desperate so I jumped in.
I couldn’t believe the difference in such a short space of time, roughly three weeks and I started to see some light. I felt differently. That anxiety in the background was starting to go! You were right, you don’t have to believe it. Just do the programme! I now continue the techniques routinely, it’s part of my life and now I enjoy a healthy sex life with a wonderful woman. It’s amazing! I’m so happy and Thrive has filtered through to the rest of my life too!

So, to other men out there who are suffering from this horrible situation, this is the help you have been looking for. Please, please take the plunge and go on the Thrive programme. Any doubts will disappear quickly and you will take control over your life again! L, Brighton.

I was referred to the Thrive Programme by a friend who knows I have suffered from anxiety issues at various points in the past.

I found the program extremely useful to help develop an understanding of the way I think and perceive things around me, particularly with regards to self esteem and the locus of control/ need for external validation. The Thrive Programme is extremely clear and having Fiona to guide me through the various exercises and help challenge some very ingrained ways of thinking was an excellent combination.

Thrive won’t give “miracle cures” but does help you challenge yourself and change the way you think if you are willing to fully apply yourself and listen. You stop being your own worst enemy which has been invaluable over the last few months – if I get anxious I am now more able to turn things around and apply some perspective that was lacking in the past. I would thoroughly recommend Thrive and Fiona as a guide who was an excellent sounding board and teacher. Helena

I started Thrive because I wanted to resolve anxieties felt in both work and personal life. With guidance from Fiona and putting into practice skills learnt over the course of the book once you understand and acknowledge the key factor is yourself and that change is up to you it can be an incredibly powerful tool.

Above all I started to stop being so hard on myself. It’s a work in progress, it always will be. For me previous life time goals either seem less important or now simply forgotten. Small victories on a day to day basis is what currently works for me now. Paul

If you are interested in the Thrive programme please do not hesitate to contact me, confidentially for Consultation.

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