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Is your Child or Teenager experiencing anxiety and its associated problems ? Then perhaps the Thrive programme can be of assistance.

All too often Children and Teenagers hide their anxiety .. simply because it can be too difficult for them to express it.

Anxiety is a clear threat to any ones health and if not treated effectively may worsen over time !!



Some tell tale signs of a Child or Teenager suffering from anxiety can be :

  • Feeling powerless

  • Self Criticism

  • Negative Thinking .. Worrrying about things that may or may not happen

  • Embarresed, Shy, Guilty feelings…

  • Anger

  • Withdrawal from activities and interactions

  • Developing Fears …

  • Being very emotional

Thrive for teenagers’ was created in 2013 for use in a School where we were helping some of the students. We later adjusted the book for general teenager use. The Thrive Programme in education is now called ‘ Bounce’ is being adopted by the Scottish education system. The book is aimed at teenagers from age 12-15 and ideally needs the help of either a Thrive Consultant, or a parent who has themselves been through the programme, to coach the teenager through. In some circumstances it is possible to work with children under the age of 12. This is achieved by me working through the book with both the child and the parent/guardian who spends the most time with the child throughout the week. It is essential that I mentor the parent in exactly what the process is about and how best to achieve it. They then must work closely with the child each and everyday to translate the information and exercises into terms and experiences that their child can relate to. ( a 10-11 yr olds daily experiences tend to be different to that of a 15 yr olds)

The programme is laid out in the form of a 5 week course, with a section to complete each week. There are specific actions that need to be completed in each section along with 7 short daily homework exercises for each day in the process.

If you would like further information on how the Thrive Programme may help for child or teenager, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a confidential chat.





If you are interested in the Thrive programme please do not hesitate to contact me, confidentially for a consultation.

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